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• Bodybuilder

• Posing & Routine Coach

• Boxing Trainer



Having been forced to give up rugby due to injury, Edgar Vaivai began pursuing life as a bodybuilder and trainer, losing over 30kg! Now specialising in boxing training, he has a heart of gold and loves to help other people.

Edgar's fun, loving and caring nature means that his training sessions are always enjoyable. You'll laugh, you'll smile - and when it gets tough you might even scream at him... but hey, it's all worth it, right? He'll train you hard, but after your session, you'll feel like a million dollars.

He might look scary at first sight, but when he smiles, he'll have your heart at "hello." (Shhh, he doesn't know I've written that!)

And when you're sore from training? That's okay, Edgar does massage too. With gifted hands, he knows how to relieve the tension. 

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