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Here's a scenario. You want to change your dietary habits and day-to-day nutrition. But you want results - fast. Perhaps you want to shape up for your trip to Hawaii, or maybe you have a very special wedding coming up. Or (and this is the best-ever reason) maybe you just want to feel more comfortable and confident in yourself! The trouble is, you don't have the time to dedicate a whole year to the Carly Vaivai Online program... What to do?

How does a personal, one-to-one nutrition coaching session sound? We can make it a one-time thing, or schedule in a few weeks to work on your goals! This is a great alternative to the long-term style of Carly Vaivai Online. What's more, we can work together in person, via Zoom or even over the phone.

Let's Talk Healthy

My one-to-one Nutrition Sessions are packed full of amazing, educational content and support. They're also super personalised, designed to specifically benefit you. Take a look at what you can expect from a set of Nutrition Sessions!

Comprehensive Initial Assessment

An in-depth assessment of your needs, current nutritional lifestyle, and an overview of how we can work together to achieve your goals!

Teach A Girl To Fish

You know the whole 'give a man a fish, teach a man to fish' story? I'll never force you to do anything - but I will teach you how and why certain food choices can benefit you. This is invaluable nutrition education that will stay with you for life.

Personalised Goals

Not everyone is aiming for the same end-goal. My program will let you choose what you want to work towards, and reinforce those goals with adherence action plans.

Let's Go Shopping

Grocery shopping can actually be a lot less stressful when you know how to pick the right foods. Let's hit up the supermarket together and find them!

Food Diary Check-Ins

Ah, the food diary. This is how we'll track your dietary progress, and identify any problem areas. But don't worry, I won't bite!

Ultimate Accountability

This is the most personal Nutrition course that I offer. You will receive continued coaching, we will work through your goals together, and you will see results!


Nutrition Sessions are available singularly, but you can also sign up for 12 weekly sessions (or more) at a discounted rate! Pick the Nutrition Session that works for you below!

Session Nutrition Pricing
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