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Let's be honest: dieting can be super intimidating, right? Sometimes, a gentler approach can be both more comfortable and more beneficial for you! By using the Carly Vaivai Online Web App, we can plan your nutrition lifestyle around you and your needs.

My online curriculum follows a coaching program of 52 weeks, during which you will receive daily 'Habits' - little achievable goals to aim for, every single day. These are designed to develop nutrition and lifestyle changes that can last you a lifetime. 


Don't worry, the course is pretty laid back to start with (we're talking simple daily goals like "eat slowly") and gently ramps up the intensity over the year. This is a nutrition course that isn't about restriction or deprivation: it's about guidance, support and

long-term improvement.

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How it works

The Carly Vaivai Online Web App.

This is the central nerve system of your nutrition course. Through the easy-to-use web-app, you will receive your Daily Habits and Lessons, as well as be able to track important things like your workouts, long term goals and progress. 

Each Habit and Lesson is designed to help better your nutritional understanding, and will encourage and inspire you to practise your newfound knowledge every day! 

See the web-app in action!

So... what will you

get out of this?


Whether you want to lose weight, build strength or both, CVO can help you get the body you want.

Tech Head?

The CVO Web App is powered by the fantastic ProCoach system, meaning that you will gain access to easy-to-use, state of the art nutritional lifestyle software. 

Back in the Habit

CVO's Daily Habits make achieving your long-term nutritional and lifestyle goals simple and attainable. These add up to huge long-term changes!

Let's get personal

We take into account everything about your current lifestyle and needs, which helps to create a program that is tailor-made for you and your life.*

365 Days. Anywhere.

One year of nutritional coaching, strategic planning, and habit-based learning. Not to mention, CVO is available worldwide.

No excuses: this is your year. 

Me, Myself and Vaivai

Carly Vaivai Online is about you and your goals. But I'll be here to support and coach you, every step of the way, to help you nail it.*

*Available as part of the Support Subscription

Break your habits

Take a look at how this program has affected others for the better!

"Break The Habit" - Carly Vaivai Online Course Testimonals
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Both plans include all the great content detailed on this page, so just choose

the one that fits you best! So excited to get started with you!


Basic Subscription

So you just need the standard, no-frills Carly Vaivai Online experience? You'll gain access to the full CVO Web-App, and be able to start making the most of habit-based coaching!

Support Subscription

Sometimes we all need a little nudge in the right direction. The Support Subscription includes everything from the Standalone Package, as well as personalised One-on-One Coaching Sessions - we'll smash through those roadblocks together.

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