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Welcome to Movement Therapy. It's no secret that exercise can help to combat many mental health issues, such as low mood, depressive states, grief or even plain old sadness. Unfortunately, most of these usually come with the problematic side effects of low motivation and low energy levels.

With that in mind, an intense 45-minute interval training session probably isn't for you!

This is where Movement Therapy comes in. Join me for some gentle, chilled out exercise! We can go for a lovely little coastal walk, or a stroll through a peaceful park. Simply being outdoors will work wonders alone (fresh air and sunshine's natural vitamin D are seriously underrated!), and I'll be there to chat and listen to anything on your mind. Sometimes just being around someone that understands and will listen can make a huge difference.


Even if you just want to go grab a coffee, sit somewhere pretty and have a bit of a cry, I'll be there for you. We all have bad days! 

Please don't be afraid

Get in touch, let me help you.

When you're not in the best place, it can be hard to even summon the willpower to ask for help. I understand, I've been there and many of my friends have too; everyone goes through hardships and heartaches - but that doesn't mean we have to face it all alone.

Please drop me a line in whichever way works for you - a call, an email, even a text - and we can arrange something that suits you, and that you are comfortable with.

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