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So my lovely, let's say you've heard about all these snazzy Ketogenic diets, and you want to give it a shot! Problem is, you're not too sure how to go about it...

"I'm doing this whole keto thing but I'm still not losing weight, what am I doing wrong? Am I eating too much dairy? Am I not eating enough? How much meat am I supposed to be having? Is it normal to feel like I have the flu?"

If any of that sounds familiar, you're in the right place! Ketogenic diets can be crazy complicated when you're just starting out, so let me help you find your feet.


All good keto diets begin with a solid meal plan. My Keto Meal Program is fully tailored to you, your lifestyle and your body composition. Starting with a full analysis and consultation, I will design a custom nutrition plan, just for you. 

Keto Meal Program



So where to, next? Your meal program will have taught you some basic information for your keto diet, but that's only the beginning! 

You see, what works at the start of a keto plan might not work further down the line - you might plateau or hit a roadblock, and we don't want that. Let me help you with weekly check-ins and assessments! I can analyse your progress on a week-by-week basis, and adjust and tweak your program to be as effective as possible, leading to better results with maximum accountability. 


And the best thing is, with Ongoing Keto Coaching, you also receive everything included in the standalone Keto Meal Program as part of your subscription.

Keto Coaching


Comprehensive Initial Assessment

An in-depth assessment of your needs, current nutritional lifestyle, and an overview of how we can work together to smash your goals!

Education, Education, Education.

The most vital component to any ketogenic diet is knowing your stuff. As a qualified nutritionist I can teach you everything you need to get the most out of your meal program.

Personalised Goals

Not everyone is aiming for the same end-goal. My program will let you choose what you want to work towards, and reinforce those goals with adherence action plans.

Let's Go Shopping

Grocery shopping can actually be a lot less stressful when you know how to pick the right foods. Let's hit up the supermarket together and find them!

Meal Program Check-Ins

This is how we'll track your dietary progress, troubleshoot and identify any problem areas. But don't worry, I won't bite!

Maximum Accountability

Weekly assessments and support means that we can work through your goals together, for the best possible results!



Standard Pricing

• Basic subscription to Ongoing Keto Coaching

KETO//OS Pricing

• Special subscription rate for my KETO//OS Clients

• Includes all of the above, but at a much lower price!

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